Thursday, April 2, 2015

All Fall Down By Ally Carter

Ok. So I am obsessed with Ally Carter, just wanted to let you all know. I devoured her Heist Society books and completely fell in love with her Gallagher Girls Series. I mean, a school for spies! How cool is that! When I found out that she was coming up with a new series I was so excited and a little mad because she has to take time off from Heist Society in order to have the series take off. Which is a bummer because I need to find out Hale's real name and I love Kat and Hale. I am desperate for the next book.... anyways... I thought the concept of All Fall Down was great. I mean, Grace is trying to find out who killed her mother even though no one believes her and thinks that she is crazy all while living in a U.S embassy in Adria, which is a fictional country (I checked) haha. Not to mention a Russian guy named Alexi who is Grace's protecter. Can you say potential romance? Well, thats what I thought. I thought Grace would be a little bit stronger like Kat and Cammie in her other books but I was wrong. Grace can be annoying, to put it lightly. She is immature, reckless and possibly suicidal. I didn't even feel for Grace at all. She was a spoiled brat who I wanted to clop on the head to make her shut up! Honestly, the entire book is a nutshell is this: "Someone killed my mom, I can prove it!" "No, Grace! Your mom died in a fire, you're delusional!" "The scared man did it, I'll find him by doing reckless things that can kill me and possibly others all the while possibly starting a war!" Okay. So in Adria there is an empty embassy that used to belong to Iran. Everyone says not to go in because it can start a war. Really? Can going into an EMBASSY cause a war? I mean its just a building, how can that start a war? Also, there was this part where Grace was traveling ALONE in tunnels that run under the city of Adria, following the scared man, she tried to get a way and ended up in the German Embassy. She was then asked, again, If she was trying to start a war. So a sixteen year old American girl can start a war with the Germans by just showing up unannounced in their embassy? Yeah... I don't think thats how wars start, Ally Carter. The supporting characters weren't even that interesting either. Her "Best friend" Noah was pining for the beautiful Megan who happens to be Grace's old friend who she thought was only her friend because their was no other kids for them to play with. I mean really? If their was no one else to be around but you and she choose to hang out with you instead of watch tv it means that she was your friend. Honestly, there were some parts that I liked but the rest really sucked. It was not Ally Carter's best. Not at all. In the future, I hope that Grace doesn't act as whiny and pathetic as she does. I think that I liked the 12 year old German girl named Rosie better than Grace. She didn't whine as much and had more backbone. Grace can take a few tips from her in that department. I give this book 2 running shoes out of five.