Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Half Life Of Molly Pierce by Katrina Leno

You take it for granted. Waking up. Going to school, talking to your friends. Watching a show on television or reading a book or going out to lunch. You take for granted going to sleep at night, getting up the next day, and remembering everything that happened to you before you closed your eyes. You live and you remember. Me, I live and I forget. But now—now I am remembering. For all of her seventeen years, Molly feels like she’s missed bits and pieces of her life. Now, she’s figuring out why. Now, she’s remembering her own secrets. And in doing so, Molly uncovers the separate life she seems to have led…and the love that she can’t let go. The Half Life of Molly Pierce is a suspenseful, evocative psychological mystery about uncovering the secrets of our pasts, facing the unknowns of our futures, and accepting our whole selves. ______________________________________________________________________________________ I was lucky enough to receive an advanced readers copy just two days ago. Yes. I finished this book so fast because it was that good. But first let me get to the review. Ok. I will not lie to you guys when I say that this book was a hell of a lot confusing in the beginning. It starts of with the heroine, Molly, coming to in her car and driving. Only she has no idea when she got there. And this is not the first time this has happened to her. Recently Molly has been missing blocks of time and she has no idea what the hell happened. Then Molly is driving home and she sees a boy on a motorcycle driving too fast. She knows what is going to happen before it does--she knows that he is going to crash. But then she realizes something--the boy was trying to catch up to her--but why? Then the inevitable happens and the boy hits the back of a car and goes flying over her car right in front of her car and she almost hits him. She gets out and cradles his head and takes off his helmet. The boy seems to know her though, this boy calls her by a strange name--Mabel. She thinks it's a case of mistaken identity until the boy calls her Molly. And so begins the awesomely strange book that is the Half Life of Molly Pierce. I also have to admit something else though. The names in this book were kind of stupid. If they were normal names I think I would have liked this book a lot more which sounds weird but that is just me. For example, Molly's best friend is named Erie. Like the canal. Why not name her Erica? And her other best friend is Luka. With a k. Why not just Luca? And don't get me started on the strange boys that Molly is beginning to remember names. The boy on the motorcycle is named -- get ready -- Lyle and his brother is named Sayer. Sorry for being weird but that is just me. And let's get on with this review. Ok. So after seeing Lyle get killed on the motorcycle she starts to feel a weird connection with his brother. Like they have attraction with each other, or history. But how can that be with someone you just met? But then Molly starts to remember everything. She remembers Sayer and Lyle. She loved them both, one as a friend and one as a lover. It turns out that Molly's blackouts were from her alter ego Mabel who led a different life that Molly wasn't aware of until the memories start to pour out. I feel as if I am giving way too much away so you guys will have to read it for yourself when it comes out July eighth. It sounds weird but it is so good and amazing. I was hooked from the first page and I promise that you guys will be too! I give this book 4 1/2 running shoes -- I took a half off because of the names ^ - ^

Friday, June 6, 2014

You Look Different in Real Life by Jennifer Castle

The premise was simple: five kids, just living their lives. There’d be a new movie about them every five years, starting in kindergarten. But no one could have predicted what the cameras would capture. And no one could have predicted that Justine would be the star. Now sixteen, Justine doesn’t feel like a star anymore. In fact, when she hears the crew has gotten the green light to film "Five at Sixteen," all she feels is dread. The kids who shared the same table in kindergarten have become teenagers who hardly know one another. And Justine, who was so funny and edgy in the first two movies, just feels like a disappointment. But these teens have a bond that goes deeper than what’s on film. They’ve all shared the painful details of their lives with countless viewers. They all know how it feels to have fans as well as friends. So when this latest movie gives them the chance to reunite, Justine and her costars are going to take it. Because sometimes, the only way to see yourself is through someone else’s eyes. ><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><<><<<<<><<><<>>><<>>><< 5/5 running shoes I seriously loved this book from start to finish. The characters develop right in front of you, so that was fun to see. This is told in the perspective of Justine, one of the five that have been chosen all the way back when they were six to do a documentary every 5 years until they were 21. In the beginning, Justine was doubting herself. She didn't think they were going to do another movie and when she does, she is caught off guard. She thinks that she could have lost more weight, or did this or yadda and she thinks that everyone will be disappointed in how she is now. After reading a web site about the documentaries and she sees the comments they made about her, she is worried that she won't be able to be what they want. In the website, they say that she probably joined a band, did this and she feels as if she isn't as funny now as she way back when she was eleven and six. The book is mainly about Justine finding her purpose and Kiera finding her mother along with Diego, Nate, and Rory. While at a "retreat" at a cabin set up by film makers Leslie and Lance to get more interesting film material, Kiera, after getting information about her mother, who left when she was eleven, steals Leslie's car, phone, and wallet during the night to find her. Justine, Nate, Diego, and Rory then set off the find her along with Leslie's camera. During the journey to find her, Justine videotapes everything, and she tells their story rather than Leslie and Lance. I liked how broken relationships were repaired , especially Rory and Justine's relationship. I also liked how Jennifer Castle somewhat accurately showed how Rory acted with her autism. All the feelings in the book, although sometimes jagged, felt real, and that made the book even easier to read and funner. Kiera's reunion with her mom was sweet yet sad, but perfect. Really, everything was perfect In this book. Nate and Justine's relationship was really sweet and un cheesy, which I appreciated. It was nice to have a steady dose of realism in a world filled with make believe!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Waiting on Wednesday

YES. Blue lily lily blue comes out October 28!!!! I can't wait. If you did not read the series yet, do it. Blue and Ganseys romance will kill you because of how heart breaking and sweet it is. I love it. Love it. LOVE IT.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Mothership by Martin Leicht and Isla Neal

Teen pregnancy is never easy—especially not when extraterrestrials are involved. The first in a new trilogy. Elvie Nara was doing just fine in the year 2074. She had a great best friend, a dad she adored, and bright future working on the Ares Project on Mars. But then she had to get involved with sweet, gorgeous, dumb-as-a-brick Cole--and now she’s pregnant. Getting shipped off to the Hanover School for Expecting Teen Mothers was not how Elvie imagined spending her junior year, but she can go with the flow. That is, until a team of hot commandos hijacks the ship--and one of them turns out to be Cole. She hasn’t seen him since she told him she’s pregnant, and now he’s bursting into her new home to tell her that her teachers are aliens and want to use her unborn baby to repopulate their species? Nice try, buddy. You could have just called. So fine, finding a way off this ship is priority number one, but first Elvie has to figure out how Cole ended up as a commando, work together with her arch-nemesis, and figure out if she even wants to be a mother--assuming they get back to Earth in one piece. *************** My review This was just not some sob story About how a girl got pregnant and was dumped at some weird pregnancy school somewhat in the near future. No. This book was about Elvie, a girl who is funny, knows about mechanics, and actually is smart! Yay for not being an average bimbo like everyone in ya literature now! I laughed so hard I thought I would cry, and if that wasn't enough, add it some aliens, including an Almiri called Bryon, who happens to be no one other than James Bryon Dean! It turns out, the pregnancy school was started by a rival race of aliens who plan to switch the almiri babies into their babies .....drama! But anyway, I loved how Elvie had a clear head when things got messed up as well as her sass even though things got pretty messed up during it, she never faltered. And her "baby daddy" cole never seemed to call even when she got pregnant, and she never let it control her life, or go on about it and cry. She persevered through everything, which shows that she could be a great role model, better then most in literature even though she got preggers. Whoops. Things I liked: Elvie and her sass The amount of times this book made me laugh Ducky, Elvies ah-mazing bestie Britta vs Elvie face offs Cole, even though he was a bimbo sometimes Elvies talks with "goober" Things I didn't like: Practically nothing! I loved it QUOTES: Just do your breathing exercises." He leans over the backseat and grabs my hand. "Come on. That's it. Hoo-hoo-hoo, hee-hee-hee. Hoo-hoo-hoo...' 'Keep that up,' I warn him, wincing around another contraction, 'and I'm going to hit you right in your "hoo-hoo” I give this book 5/5 running shoes! It's such a fun read and I highly recommend it.